Welcome to my site!

Welcome to my site!
I'm Cindy, and I love to cook! And, I love to eat... hence the size of my rear end! I come from a long line of cooks. My great great Grandmother was a cook in the original Harvey Houses. My grandmother Julia was an awesome cook, and my mom was incredible. I owe my skills to these great women. Especially my Mom who said this to me about making gravy... "Cindy Lynn, wallpaper paste is wallpaper paste & gravy is gravy. Never the two shall meet!" Shall we say my first experience at making gravy left a little bit to be desired! Thank the high heavens my cooking skills have improved since then! Enjoy!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Potato Leek Soup

I owe the inspiration for this recipe to Stephen.  He made us an amazing dinner last night, and one course was a super delicious Potato-Leek soup, that had just the right amount of spicy and was incredibly satisfying!  I didn’t ask him for the recipe… I decided to “wing it”.  But, I think I made a pretty good imitation and I and owe it all to him.  So, thank you Stephen!  (But I am going to have to get the recipe for that Lemon Vinaigrette you served with the salad!!!)
2 large leeks, cleaned and sliced
Olive Oil
2 Tbls butter
3 russet potatoes, peeled and cut into pieces
4 cups chicken stock (I used Rachael Ray’s brand, have also used Swanson’s)
¾ tsp white pepper
¼ tsp nutmeg
6 – 8oz. cream
Chopped chives for garnish
Black Truffle Salt to taste on individual servings

Optional: Drizzle with Truffle Oil just before serving.
Clean and slice the leeks, using mainly the white parts.  Heat a soup pot and drizzle olive oil into it.  Add the leeks and cook on low to sweat them; you don’t want them to brown.  Continue cooking on low until soft.  Add the butter and allow to melt.
Add the chicken stock to the pot and add the potato pieces, along with pepper and nutmeg.  Bring to boil; reduce heat and cover.  Simmer until potatoes are cooked through. 
Place the soup in a blender in batches, making sure to get enough of the chicken stock added to allow the soup to blend easily.  Blend until smooth.  Repeat until all soup is smooth.  I was able to do this in two batches.
Return blended soup to the pot; turn on heat and add the cream.  Heat until it begins to bubble.  Taste for seasonings.  Garnish with  a sprinkling of Black Truffle Salt, chopped chives and enjoy!  Can also drizzle a bit of truffle oil as a finishing touch.

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