Welcome to my site!

Welcome to my site!
I'm Cindy, and I love to cook! And, I love to eat... hence the size of my rear end! I come from a long line of cooks. My great great Grandmother was a cook in the original Harvey Houses. My grandmother Julia was an awesome cook, and my mom was incredible. I owe my skills to these great women. Especially my Mom who said this to me about making gravy... "Cindy Lynn, wallpaper paste is wallpaper paste & gravy is gravy. Never the two shall meet!" Shall we say my first experience at making gravy left a little bit to be desired! Thank the high heavens my cooking skills have improved since then! Enjoy!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patricks Day Feast

With a name like Mulligan, we're expected to be party central for St. Patricks Day. Unfortunately, this year we've all been sick - so no parties for us. But, that didn't stop us from having a Corned Beef and Cabbage feast for dinner on Saturday. We'll have the left overs on Tuesday - St. Patricks Day. Of course, I've heard that if you offered a person from Ireland this meal - they wouldn't know what you were talking about. It is totally an American invention. And, I'd say a good one at that!


1 Corned Beef
1 head cabbage


Remove the corned beef from the wrapper. Rinse well under cold water. Keep the packet of seasoning mix. Or, if the seasoning is already on the corned beef (as mine was this year) be careful not to wash it all off when rinsing the meat.

Place the corned beef in a large pot and cover with water. Put the cover on and bring to a boil. Once the water is boiling, reduce heat, and place lid ajar on the pot. Cook for approximately 3 hours. You want the beef to be very tender.

When the beef is cooked, remove from the pot, but don’t throw the water out. Cut the cabbage into 4ths (or 6ths, depending upon the size). Keep the core in the cabbage. With the water simmering, drop the cabbage pieces into the water. Cook for approximately 3 – 5 depending upon how crisp you like your cabbage.

Serve the corned beef and cabbage with some steamed carrots and mashed potatoes. This year I used red potatoes, kept the skin on them, and added garlic cloves to the water as they were boiling. Delicious Garlic Red Mashed Potatoes. Yum!

St. Paticks Day Feast

Faith and Begorah! A delicious, although American invention, feast for ...

See St. Paticks Day Feast on Key Ingredient.


Columbo said...

It was delicious! The only thing missing was green beer. Oh well, I will have that on St. Patrick's Day. I do love corn beef and cabbage.

Pam said...

Looks tasty! I love corned beef and cabbage.

irish daisies said...

i love corned beef cabbage its my favorite :) yours looks so yummy!

Bridgett said...

My husband would have been in heaven with this meal! He's British, but apparently they love this meal as well as the Irish. I had an Irish grandfather who insisted on this meal when I was a kid. I should make it in honor of him. Yours looks divine!

Frugalhomekeeping said...

What a cute blog...love the gravy quote from your mom! The recipes look delicious. I've never cooked a whole corned beef before, just buy it from the deli or " Armour" canned.

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